If you're interested in carrying our products for a wholesale price, please contact us here.

Our current AROMA minimum order requirement is set at $250 per order.

Bespoke Fragrances

Tailored to your preferences or special occasions. Our meticulous process ensures a unique scent that resonates with you and our brand mission. Please note that the creation of bespoke fragrances may take up to 3 months to complete.


Reach out to us with your concept, and we'll reciprocate with a meeting and proposed timeline, provided it aligns with our schedule. Please keep in mind that our timeline typically spans 3-4 months due to the meticulous nature of testing and adherence to our Atelier protocols

Perfuming Spaces/RUIZ Realm

Similar to our wholesale approach, we offer an exclusive agreement for businesses looking to enhance their environment. This involves creating a customized package tailored to your business needs and operating hours. The products under this agreement will not be available for retail sale but will be provided to you at a discounted rate.