RUIZ presents AROMA, a line of fragrances that includes two unique collections: La Familia and Recuerdos. La Familia is a collection of scents that draw inspiration from loved ones and crafted in memory of a person and a location where a special moment was shared. Recuerdos is a collection of fragrances that are crafted to evoke memories of a particular year and time in the designer's life. Every scent in AROMA's range is a testament to a moment in time, a feeling, or a cherished memory.

AROMA Collaborations

AROMA also specializes in collaborations and private labeling for other brands. Our mission is to create scents that leave a lasting impression on people's memories, paying homage to special moments from their lives. Our collaboration process involves working closely with each client to create a unique fragrance that embodies their brand's identity and resonates with their customers. We believe that scent has the power to transport people back to cherished memories, and our goal is to help our clients create that special connection with their customers through our candles.


RUIZ Atelier x Sunrise Art Club

During NFT BK Week, Sunrise curated an immersive gallery at SEED Brklyn in New York City. As part of the gallery, Sunrise sought to offer visitors a purchasable product, and it was at this juncture that RUIZ was approached to create an exclusive scent for Sunrise under our "La Familia" collection, entitled "Dawn". This bespoke fragrance draws inspiration from Elise Swopes' mornings and features a citrus heart note and a woodsy base, resulting in a spa/zen-like scent profile. RUIZ expertly produced this fragrance in both 2oz and 7oz candles, as well as incense.