Fragrance Workshops for Lulus

Lulus is a customer-driven, digitally native fashion brand for women. Lulus contacted us for their first event in Chicago with the idea of creating a customizable activation for their 25 guests, including influencers and frequent buyers, to show their appreciation. We were tasked with allowing the women to create a candle from our collection and customize the box label and vessel. As part of the experience, our founder guided the guests through the fragrances and helped them select a fragrance based on shared memories. Using their olfactory senses, guests connected one of our memories with theirs. At the end of the experience, all 25 guests took home a fully cured candle.

Fragrance Workshops for Onni Group

Onni Group is an innovative real estate developer in the Americas with two locations in Chicago. As part of their monthly programming, guests are invited to join workshops and experiences hosted by Onni. We were selected to offer guests the opportunity to create their own custom fragrance using our collection of oils. Led by our founder, guests built their fragrances from the ground up, mixing drop by drop. At the end of the experience, guests left with their fully customized bottle of fragrance, labeled with their room number.

"La Despedida" @ Winsome

For our last workshop of 2023, we hosted an event at Winsome focused on bidding farewell to the 2023 version of oneself. Guests were invited to select one of our signature fragrances and dedicate it to themselves based on their experiences throughout the year. Following this, they were encouraged to journal their aspirations for the upcoming new year and write a heartfelt letter to themselves. Lastly, they captured their final portrait of the year using a vintage Hasselblad with a Polaroid back.

"Con Amor," @ Semillas

Our second workshop was hosted in collaboration with Angelica from Semillas. The focus of the workshop was centered around self-love and dedicating a fragrance to someone special. Guests were invited to select a fragrance and then create their floral bouquet inspired by the scent they chose. Finally, attendees wrote a love letter to the person they dedicated the fragrance to.

"Candle Conjuring" @ Sideshow Gallery

Our first workshop, in collaboration with Botanica Lilith, was led by Jetzi from Botanica. Jetzi taught attendees about candle history, conjuring, and its purposes, while Daniel led the candle-making portion, instructing guests about safety. Guests left with a candle dressed with herbs and minerals meant for drawing love, protection, or attracting money.