• 'Labyrinth de Amor' Floral Bouquet
  • 'Labyrinth de Amor' Floral Bouquet
  • 'Labyrinth de Amor' Floral Bouquet

    'Labyrinth de Amor' Floral Bouquet

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    To celebrate Valentine's Day, we collaborated with Semillas to craft our unique interpretation of a bouquet for that special someone on the 14th.

    Beginning with the timeless tradition of gifting roses, we carefully curated our selection by adding our favorite florals, chosen in collaboration with the Semillas team—predominantly feature roses, complemented by a variety of other flowers, including a special orchid. 

    Our vision was to harmonize the elegance of red and white with our favorite live and dry florals, creating our expression of love and tradition.

    As part of the collaboration, Angélica and Daniel selected a fabric seamlessly intertwining both brands, crafting a reusable wrap from chosen deadstock upholstery and knit. This special wrap, embroidered with your first initial, is a versatile accessory—perfect for elevating floral arrangements, serving as a napkin at the dinner table, or adding an elegant touch to any living space. An ideal gift for Valentine's Day or any special occasion.

      • Bouquet Only: Wrapped in Semillas branded paper.
      • Wrap Only: Embroidered wrap only. 
      • Bouquet + Wrap: Wrapped in your custom wrap embroidered with your initials.
      • Bouquet + Wrap + Incense: Wrapped in your custom wrap embroidered with your initials, and a tube of your favorite incense.

    If you're purchasing a bundle, kindly include the first initial and, if applicable, specify the incense you'd prefer in the order notes.

    Pick-up at Semillas Chicago only

    DISCLAIMER: We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Please contact Semillas at (773) 693-5010 or email us at hi@ruizatelier.com if you are unable to pick up on the scheduled day. Failure to do so will result in the voiding of your order, and it will be non-refundable.

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