• "La Despedida" Workshop @ Winsome
  • "La Despedida" Workshop @ Winsome

    "La Despedida" Workshop @ Winsome

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    La Despedida (The Farewell), an immersive candle-making workshop presented by RUIZ at Winsome. Explore our exclusive fragrances, crafting a candle that encapsulates your 2023 journey and connects to a core memory. Reflect on the year's growth, journal your aspirations, and bid farewell through a symbolic portrait capturing the essence of your transformation.

    Where: 3120 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618
    Date: December 14, 2023
    Hours: 6-8 PM

    What to expect:
    1. Create a 7oz candle using RUIZ's signature fragrances.
    2. Reflect on memories, and journal aspirations for the new year.
    3. Capture your final 2023 portrait on Hasselblad
    4. A glass of wine selected and paired with the fragrances.

      Candle Making