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Life-Line Hooded Sweatshirt — Cream

Life-Line Hooded Sweatshirt — Cream

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Hand-dyed in small batches, this hooded sweatshirt is comprised of a 10 oz (330 gm) cotton/polyester blend. Over-dyed for 3 days before a final rinse and wash. Not one sweatshirt is the same in color, making each one unique to its owner. The front features RUIZ's signature "Life-Line," an element intended to represent the lifeline of the product; hand-painted in red acrylic paint. The back features our "Life's Circle" logo in white water-based ink. 

Due to the nature of our made-to-order process, your shirt may take longer than another to arrive. We aim to send your product 7-14 days after your order processes.


Hand-dyed in small batches, color varies in each garment. 

Printed with water-based ink

Vintage print, varies for each garment.

Made in Mexico, finished in Chicago, IL


100% 10oz (330 gm) Cotton/Polyester Blend


Size 1: 21"W/28"L / Size 2: 23"W/29"L / Size 3: 24"W/30"L / Size 4: 26"W/31"L

Care information

Hand-wash cold (with like colors)

Do not tumble dry

Line/flat dry only

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